SIlencerco Omega 9k

9mm and 300BO suppressor that is only 4.7" in length with amazingly low decibel levels for 9mm! Works great on pistols and 9mm carbines/SBR's!

*Only $799.99*

Innovative Arms 9sx

The more compact model of the LEX 9mm can! Still very quiet and even more lightweight with the shorter length! .5x28 piston included!

*Only $599.99*

Silencerco Harvester Big Bore

.338 caliber for .338 lapua and down

Brings .338 Lapua down to hearing safe levels!

Direct Thread not included


Silencerco Omega 45k

New for 2017 is the Silencerco Omega 45k! It is an extremly short and lightweight 45 suppressor with really low decibel levels! Constructed of Stellite and Stainless Steel helps for a lightweight yet extremly durable silencer! Rated for 9mm, 40S&W, 45acp and 300BO!

*Only $799.99*

Innovative Arms LEX 9mm

Super light, quiet, and affordable! The Innovative Arms LEX is the perfect can for anybody wanting to suppress there 9mm pistol or carbine! .5x28 piston included

*Only $549.99*

Silencerco Omega 30

Rated 5.56 thru 300 win mag

Titanium Stellite and SS construction

Shortest Lightest and Quietest on market

Quick Detach and Direct thread included (5/8x24)

*Only $999.99*

Innovative Arms Deception 762

300 win mag and down with the exoskeleton model

5/8x24 direct thread only

Extremely tough and durable with amazingly low decibals for the best price!

*Only $699.99*

Daniel Defense DDM4-ISR 300BO

Daniel Defense amazing quality and match grade performance now built into and Integrally Suppressed 300BO rifle that only requires one tax stamp because it still meets the rifle length requirements! So you basically have an SBR suppressed 300 blackout with only one paid tax stamp! It has a full 15" key-mod free floated rail available in Black or Daniel Defense Mil-spec+ cerakote color!

*Only $2899.99(BLACK)*                      *Only $3049.99(Mil-spec+)*

T&K Part# 49198 SS

T&K Part# 49109 BLK

Yankee Hill Machine's Ruger 10/22 Internally suppressed (ISR) .22LR

*Price: $869.99 BLK & SS*

Innovative Arms S&W M&P15-22 Internally surpressed rifle (ISR) .22LR built on a SMith and Wesson M&P15-22 rifle! Innovative Arms has some geniuses working for them cause they have many different kinds of integrally suppressed rifles and pistols to choose from and they are all available to purchase/order from T&K!

*Price: $949.99*

Class 3

Innovative Arms Grunt 556

Super low decibals for 556 and full stainless steel construction makes for extreme durability! Would make an excellent dedicated 556 suppressor!

*Only $569.99*

Silencerco Spectre II

.22 multi caliber suppressor

*Only $399.99*

Daniel Defense DDMK18 SBR

Chambered for 5.56 with a 10" free float quad rail and a match grade cold hammer forged 10.3 barrel for extreme durability and accuracy! Comes with the 32 round Daniel Defense magazine!

*Only $1749.99)*

Silencerco Osprey 45

Eccentric 45 caliber Silencer helps the use of handgun standard height sights see over the top of the suppressor so there wouldn't be any need for suppressor height night sights.

Rated for 9mm, 40S&W, 45acp, and 300 Blackout

*Only $799.99*

Innovative Arms APEX .22LR

Extremely lightweight and one of the quietest ones on the market!(Going by T&K Outdoors Decibal test) This one is a T&K favorite because it is an extremely good price and great quality! You will not be disappointed with this 22LR suppressor!

*Only $299.99*

Silencerco Saker ASR 762

Rated 300 win mag and down

Stainless Steel Construction

Quick detach mount and muzzle break included

$Only $849.99*

Silencerco Hybrid .46 caliber

All calibers from .22LR to .458 socom and even 45-70! Pistols and rifle rounds such as 9mm, 40, 45acp, 5.56, 308, 338 lapua, 6.5 creedmoor, and many more! As long as it is under .46 caliber it can be suppressed by a Silencerco Hybrid. 5/8x24 direct thread cap included and piston system for pistols

Titanium and Stainless Steel construction

*Only $899.99*